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Our Products

We are committed to providing the best products with the most innovative technologies to satisfy you, our special guest & valued customer, in the software development industry. Check out some of our products listed below to see if they satisfy your unique needs. Or, contact us to inquire about a custom-designed project.


A cross-platform garbage collector for C++ that performs fully-concurrent collection and immediate reclamation of unused acyclic objects.


A library that is based on the C++ template and binary helper API to perform serialization of objects. You can serialize polymoriphic objects without virtual table or RTTI.


A minimal version of HnxGC for tiny embedded systems with very limited memory resources.

iGC (new)

A garbage collector for Objective-C/C++ for the iOS family (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad). Your GC-enabled application will run smoothly with existing binary frameworks and libraries. It uses the same immediate reclamation behaviour, with cycles automatically collected in the background.